Kelly Brook’s bronzing beauty secret

Beautiful Brit Kelly Brook, who effortlessly (and enviably) mixes girl-next-door charm with the curves of a silver-screen movie idol, is an undisputed honey.

kelly brook

kelly brook

But like the rest of us, it turns out that this naturally blessed goddess (the new face of Ultimo) still needs a little confidence-boosting beauty help from time to time – especially before going in front of the camera.

Her secret weapon? Fake Bake’s award-winning Airbrush. The English rose swears by the natural colour and always ensures she has a professional treatment the night before a shoot.

If proof were needed, look no further than her pics and video for Ultimo featured here. We rest our case!

See how her prescriptive Spray Tan accentuates that va-va-voom figure? Breathtaking…


Makeup for eyes look Bigger

Ever look at those pictures of celebrities before makeup and after?

So what’s the secret?

There are actually several. To get huge eyes try these tricks:

1. Always curl lashes before applying mascara. You can actually curl lashes AFTER mascara is applied, as long as your mascara is dried (a good tip to know if you want to curl your lashes later in the day without removing your mascara).

2. Don’t forget your bottom lashes. For years I avoided mascara on them until a makeup expert showed me how much mascara on my lower lashes really make my eyes pop. I rarely go without now. To apply mascara on lower lashes, hold the brush vertically, then sweep it back and forth.

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Five secrets you Shoud Know

SECRET 1: You can be comfy and sexy at the same time. Catching his attention at
bedtime doesn’t require itchy lace.


SECRET 2: Loungewear isn’t just for at home. These cute styles can even be taken to grab coffee, or to walk the dog.

I am living in my GapBody sweats,” says Justine Bateman.

SECRET 3: Invest in more than just one everyday bra. Add some color to
your lingerie drawer and mix up the fabric and styles.

SECRET 4: It’s the way a bra makes you feel that’s sexy – the more you like
wearing it, the sexier it is. And trust us, a guy knows when you’re feeling sexy!

SECRET 5: You’re allowed to look cute at the gym.Trade your old college T-shirts and shorts for a more feminine look.

I love working out in GapBody,” says Nicole Richie