6 Secret Skin Slayers


So you’re doing everything you can to clear your skin, but you’re still breaking out. You’ve tried everything from at-home remedies (toothpaste, Visine, baking soda) to prescription strength acne medication but it’s still not working. Frustration City, population: you. Well, here’s a few bad guys you might be able to blame.

Your Hands

Touching your face throughout the day might seem harmless or even second nature, but is a huge no-no. Our hands come in contact with a huge amount of bacteria that can easily be transferred onto our very susceptible facial skin just by touching it. Think about it: our hands and fingers come in contact every day with gas station handles, ATM pin pads, door handles, bathroom knobs, and tons of other stuff laden with grossness. Do yourself a favor and keep your hands off your face.

Cell or Landline Phones

I once worked at a makeup counter in a huge department store and I noticed every girl at my counter had nasty breakouts on the left side of her face. The culprit: the counter’s telephone, which I took to wiping down with alcohol every night when I closed (the very first time I did it, the cloth was black from the grime and dirt). Same goes for your cell phone: it comes in contact with who-knows-what at the bottom of your purse, in your car, on restaurant tables, your hands!!, and with old makeup when you put it on your face. Wipe it down with toner or astringent now and again – it will work wonders.

Bangs / Hairstyles

Waking up with forehead breakouts? The oil from your hair could easily be to blame, especially if you’re rockin’ layers or supercute bangs. Pin them back with a bobby pin at night and go to sleep worry-free.

Your Pillowcase

Most people tend to sleep on their side, which means half your face is pressed up against your pillow all night. Be sure to wash your pillowcases regularly to get rid of hair oils and such, and make sure to use cotton (a breathable fabric) as opposed to a material like satin or flannel (which can clog your pores).

Your Skincare

Whaaat?! True story. Exfoliation is vital, and if you don’t take this essential step, you should. It gets rid of layers of dead and dull skin and can make a world of difference in the appearance of your skin. Also, if you’ve switched skin care regimens recently, it’s normal for your skin to break out, as your new face wash or treatment probably contains ingredients your old stuff didn’t. Give products enough time to work (at least a month) before you ditch them, but also know when to throw in the towel and realize a face wash or moisturizer just isn’t working for you.

Your Diet

I don’t care what you eat, how much you eat, or any of that. Just know that the crappier your food intake, the higher your water intake needs to be in order to dilute that stuff in your body and still keep your skin soft and supple. For example: if you drink 12 oz of soda per day and 12 oz of water per day, the water is going to go where it is needed most, and that ain’t your skin. So if you love the sweet, sugary, salty, or alcoholic stuff, add an extra 12-18 oz of water to your diet to keep your skin happy.


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