Beauty secrets for everyone



avoiding foundation line: The water secret: Moisten fingertips and blend makeup along the jaw line so there is no demarcation line. Make sure the shade is also as close to natural skin tone as possible.

cleansing: Wash face with warm water, but not so hot that it’s uncomfortable or reddens the face, and not too cool. Lukewarm water helps soap dissolve dirt and oil. Use hands to massage soap on, rinse and pat dry with towel.

cold weather skin care: When it’s bitter cold, be careful. Bundle up. Guard against skin-parching effects of colder climates. Wear environmental cream SPF 15 protects facial skin against the elements, Moisture Stick comforts winter-chapped lips. Note: Your skin care system may need adjusting; see your dermatologist.

contouring: The use of makeup to create or enhance shape. Because light shades bring features forward, and darks recede, eyes can be dramatically sculpted. Face shape can be modified with blusher colour and blusher placement.

exfoliation: Looks-renewal process that helps skin shed its top layer of dead, dry flakes. Improves the look and feel of every skin. Unclogs pores. Makes skin more receptive to moisturizer. Exfoliation can be chemical using salicylic acid or manual such as grainy scrubs. Different types perform different functions.

darker skin tone tips: Colours can often look washed out on darker skin tones. Choose colours rich in pigment and depth with less talc, to prevent colour fade and ashiness.


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