Bright Pink Lips

Couture in the City reader Shara asks: Q:  Will hot pink lips be trendy for spring/summer of 2009?


A: Hmmm…that’s a tough one Shara. Hot pink lips were trendy in the spring of ‘07, and are making huge waves now (Rihanna is always softening her edgy look with hot pink lips), so it’s hard to say. If you are itching to try a hot pink trend, I would do it now, at the tail end of summer and before winter sets in. Check out your local pharmacy and grab a few different hot pink shades to see what works best with your skin tone. You can work a hot pink lip right now in a very fierce way with a smoky eye and a sleek but chic ensemble.

My most favorite hot pink lip gloss is no longer available (the MAC Fafi edition…so perfectly punk), but you can still snap up some great pink shades from MAC. For a very high fashion look, go for a paler hot pink like Wonderstruck or

The lighter shades of hot pink that were seen on the runway are the perfect compliment to winter florals, grays and muted shades of plum and navy. For a softer fall hot pink look, keep the rest of your color palette muted and make your lips the focal point.

My makeup trend forecast for fall calls for peachy lip glosses (just call it a hunch) so enjoy your pink lips now!

Got an insider tip on your favorite hot pink lip glosses? Leave a comment and let us know which is your favorite and why (not sticky, long lasting, tastes like strawberries, whatever…). Happy glossing!



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