Julianne Moore for Kiehl’s Ads

Red head Actress Julianne Moore, musician/producer Pharrell Williams, artist Jeff Koons, and super surfer Malia Jones have collaborated with Kiehl’s to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22.

Julianne Moore for Kiehl Ads

Julianne Moore for Kiehl Ads

Each of beauty product designed a limited-edition label for the beauty brand’s organic, 100% natural Acai Damage-Protecting Tonic Mist — with 100% of net proceeds benefitting the Rainforest Alliance.

The price of tonik is $58.

malia jones for Kiehl Ads

malia jones for Kiehl Ads

The Limited Edition series depicts their vision of social responsibility.


Estée Lauder has Two New Faces

Beauty brand Estée Lauder have informed publicity that it has signed two of fashion’s brightest catwalk and editorial celebrity as new global faces of Estée Lauder.

lauder new faces lie wen and constance jablonski

lauder new faces lie wen and constance jablonski

French model Constance Jablonski and Chinese model Liu Wen will join Estée Lauder’s list of global beauties – Hilary Rhoda, Carolyn Murphy, Elizabeth Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow – and debut in its global beauty ad campaigns beginning June 2010.

The signing of Constance marks the first time Estée Lauder has signed a French model, and the signing of Liu Wen marks the first time the brand has signed a Chinese model.

Over the years, models in Estée Lauder’s global campaigns have hailed from the U.S. (Karen Graham, Willow Bay, Carolyn Murphy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Rhoda), the U.K. (Elizabeth Hurley), Czech Republic (Paulina Porizkova), Poland (Anja Rubik) and Ethiopia (Liya Kebede).

“Estée Lauder has always searched for global beauties that define a generation,” said Aerin Lauder, Senior Vice President, Creative Director, Estée Lauder. “Constance and Liu Wen are the beauties of our time. Both models have quickly captured the attention of the fashion and beauty world.”

“We are thrilled to introduce Constance and Liu Wen to women around the world,” said Jane Hertzmark Hudis, Global Brand President, Estée Lauder. “Both models have the style and confidence that reflects Estée Lauder’s modern vision of global beauty.”

Look for the fresh new faces to start making ad appearances in June. We just hope that by then, the girls have kicked off those heels and are finally putting their feet up.

Kelly Brook’s bronzing beauty secret

Beautiful Brit Kelly Brook, who effortlessly (and enviably) mixes girl-next-door charm with the curves of a silver-screen movie idol, is an undisputed honey.

kelly brook

kelly brook

But like the rest of us, it turns out that this naturally blessed goddess (the new face of Ultimo) still needs a little confidence-boosting beauty help from time to time – especially before going in front of the camera.

Her secret weapon? Fake Bake’s award-winning Airbrush. The English rose swears by the natural colour and always ensures she has a professional treatment the night before a shoot.

If proof were needed, look no further than her pics and video for Ultimo featured here. We rest our case!

See how her prescriptive Spray Tan accentuates that va-va-voom figure? Breathtaking…

Makeup for eyes look Bigger

Ever look at those pictures of celebrities before makeup and after?

So what’s the secret?

There are actually several. To get huge eyes try these tricks:

1. Always curl lashes before applying mascara. You can actually curl lashes AFTER mascara is applied, as long as your mascara is dried (a good tip to know if you want to curl your lashes later in the day without removing your mascara).

2. Don’t forget your bottom lashes. For years I avoided mascara on them until a makeup expert showed me how much mascara on my lower lashes really make my eyes pop. I rarely go without now. To apply mascara on lower lashes, hold the brush vertically, then sweep it back and forth.

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Georgia Jagger’s Lipstick Secret

Georgia Jagger always uses red lipstick because it makes her look “fantastic”.

Georgia Jagger

Georgia Jagger

The 18-year-old model – the daughter of Rolling Stones rocker Sir Mick Jagger and former catwalk star Jerry Hall – thinks a bright shade applied to the lips really accentuates a woman’s mouth.

She said:

“I think girls look fantastic with natural make-up and just a flash of red lips.”

Georgia also revealed she has to use moisturiser every day to keep her complexion fresh because her skin dries out.

She added:

“I use moisturiser every morning, especially in the winter, because my skin gets so dry.”

Georgia is one of the hottest properties in the modelling world right now, and has worked with Versace, Hudson jeans and Rimmel cosmetics.
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How to identify your skin type

There are a lot of different skin types. And it’s nessesary to know your skin type for good care and for choosing the right  cosmetics products.


You can determine your skin types at home.

1. Clean your face with a skin liquid cleanser, then wash and clap dry.  Wait for one hour.

2. Make note where your skin senses “tight.”

3. Pressure a separate piece of facial tissue onto each area of your face: nose, chin, center of cheeks, outer cheeks, center of forehead and outer forehead.

4. Inspect each tissue and look for oily mark or flaky skin residue.

5. See results:

  • If the whole tissue was oily that indicates an oily skin type.
  • If there is oil on only some tissues ( T-zone, which is the center of forehead, nose, chin and center of cheeks)it means you have a combination skin type.
  • Flaky residue on all papers,  without oily marks – or a tight feeling in the skin shows a dry skin type.
  • No oil and no flaky on any parts of the cosmetic tissue indicates a normal skin type.


Hello Kitty in black leather for Mac Cosmetics

Ok, this is one of the strangest ads this year. It’s genius, unconventional and weird.


Hello Kitty teamed up with Mac Cosmetics for two product collections that were released this month. To promote the products, the two created this commercial that’s absolutely original and one-to-remember.

The ad has the Alice in Wonderland theme. It’s a bit crazy and when watching feels like the creators were high when working on the concept.

You see Alice follow what it seems to be the Cheshire Cat and then find herself in a strange place with a lot of shirtless guys in tight black leather pants and huge black Hello Kitty heads, and the leading Kitty who is their dominatrix or whoever she as, at least they all obey to her order.

Dry skin care

Dry skin care tips.


Tips 1:

Should use scrubs to remove the dry scaly skin.

Apply ½ tsp of Vitamin E oil with 2-3 drops of lime juice and ½ tsp of glycerin.

Tips 2:

Apply a mixture of 1 tsp warm Olive oil with a few drops of glycerin and 2-3 drops of lime juice.

Tips 3:

1 tsp of milk cream with2-3 drops of lime juice mixed well. This should be applied 10 minutes before a bath. It reduces the dryness and also is good when applied in Winter.

Tips 4:

Plain, whole milk, applied and left on for 10 minutes and washed with cold water helps.

This should be done twice a day.

PARTY MAKE UP – Bold makeup

1. Start with a matching shade of foundation. Apply a darker shade on the broader parts of your face which you want to recede.

2. Apply powder and then blush on your cheeks, adding color gradually. Use some blusher on the sides of the forehead and chin also.

3. Use an eye shadow kit with a high lighter. Apply some high lighter on the space beneath the brows. Apply the medium color on upper eye lid only. Swap the darkest shade on the crease, between the two shades and blend well.

4. Put a little dark eye shadow also beneath the eyes, touching the lower lash line, with a thin brush. Start from the outer corner and extend it just a little, may be till the middle. See what suits you. This adds more color to your eyes.

5. Define your eyes with a kajal and an eye liner. Sweep two coats of mascara. Apply a final coat of colored mascara if you wish. Apply lipstick. Blot with tissue and then reapply for a glamorous look.

Evening make up ideas

Some evening make up ideas. I hope you will like it!


Hip Girl


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